7 PM Jan 10 2012, Commerce Casino (Los Angeles), 46th (48 entries)

Only a few hands after starting the tournament, at the beginning of the second level, I limped in for 100 chips under the gun holding

Two more players limped, then the small blind raised to 600. The big blind folded. I reraised to 1200, everyone folded, and the small blind called. The flop came

The small blind checked, I bet 2200, then the small blind pushed all his chips into the middle. He either had me covered or close to covered. Not wanting to leave the tournament after just a few hands, knowing that he could have flopped a set, I folded.

In the hand I went out on, I held

in middle position. I limped in. The flop came

Everyone checked, then the turn came

Suddenly with the nut flush draw and a gutshot, it seemed good to get some money in the pot, so I opened for 1600 chips. The button raised to 3600. With only about 5500 chips left, I pushed them into the middle. The button called and turned over

The river came

so I was gone.