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10:30 AM Aug 17 2012, Tulalip (Marysville, WA), 6th (58 entries)

Finished one off the bubble in this little daily tournament they hold at the Tulalip. The only problem with this poker room is the tables are a little crowded. Aside from that it's among the nicest around.

After it had been six-handed for a little while, I hit a bad dry spell for cards. My stack soon became the shortest at the table. Finally, when I was second to act with my stack only big enough to play four more hands (including the current one), I caught

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The chip leader was under the gun. He had more chips than anyone else by far. Much to my dismay, he limped into the pot. This immediately meant that my sixes weren't as good as I'd hoped they might be. Just stealing the blinds and antes in this situation would be a major victory - one that could possibly go a long ways towards ensuring a money finish.

The limp put a huge damper on my obvious plan to push all-in - made immediately upon seeing my cards - but I still without hesitation put all my chips into the middle, with the minor consolation that a set was always a possibility.

Furthering my dismay was the fact that the button called. The big stack of course also called.

The flop came

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The big stack put out a smallish bet, which by itself was totally demoralizing for me to witness, but any hopes I had remaining became completely wiped out when the button went all-in. The big stack called with

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and sadly, the button turned over

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essentially ending my tournament right there (the miraculous running sixes did not show up).

It's always disappointing to get knocked out so close to the money. This was a very small-money tournament, but still, you never want to go out so close to the bubble, regardless of the stakes.